Welcome to the digital era

Save time, improve mobility, increase productivity, simplify processes, eliminate entry errors and repetitive work, reduce paper use...these are some of the advantages of digital governance.

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, your clients have constantly evolving expectations, so you need to rethink your professional processes in order to guarantee service that matches those demands.

Developed and hosted in Switzerland, our line of products is 100% secured and will meet all standards in effect.

EGOV4.CH products designed to improve your daily digital experience.


A new conception for your professional processes

Today, services offered by institutions and companies are often composed of numerous steps that can be quite taxing on the client. Filling out forms, signing them, finding an envelop, sending it off, or making payments by check are all considered to be burdensome acts in today's world.

In the digital age, our tools allow us to replace all these steps by digitizing and transforming work processes. Thanks to this new approach, people can now perform the same operations from anywhere and at any time seamlessly in the digital chain.

Here's an introduction to some of the solutions available.


Simplify life for your users, clients, and citizens, by transforming your old paper forms or PDFs into smart forms that can be filled out online, accessible 24x7 from any device. Thanks to our advanced web forms generator, you can quickly create digital forms to transform communications with the people who need to communicate with you. Also, while you stay within a wholly digital environment, you’ll be able to connect your forms directly to your traditional applications.

  • 100% web fill-in interface
  • Generation of an outgoing PDF
  • Secure online payment
  • Automatic email notification
  • Digital signature
  • Pre-filled fields
  • Interfaces with ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Page layout using your brand’s color scheme
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Share, collaborate, and exchange the data from your organization without losing control of it; that’s one of the major challenges of working in the digital age. Our ePartage solution, unlike Cloud solutions (like Dropbox), complies with Swiss laws on data protection and features hosting of data in Switzerland and data encryption to guarantee data privacy.

This wholly secured platform will let your contacts access your files and edit them from wherever at any time. This is an indispensable tool in today’s world where mobility is omnipresent.

  • Data available off-line
  • Synchronization agent
  • Solution hosted in Switzerland
  • Daily backup of your data
  • Close management of access privileges
  • Encrypted exchange and storage of data
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Physically signing contracts, offers, or any other document today requires a significant number of steps. Because of the inertia inherent in the process, particularly with increasing mobility of your executives who may have to work at several different sites, processing time may be rather lengthy.

With eSignature, you won’t have to worry about paper and all those tasks that take up time and money; select, transmit, and sign your documents legally and digitally using SuisseID. Whether you set the document up to be signed by one person or several people, simply define the signature fields in your documents before you transform them into 100% digital signature documents. Once the document has been read and affirmed, your signature will appear graphically right onto your document. Wherever you are and at any time, you can sign or get your documents signed with full legal validity.

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  • Fully legal signature
  • Mobility
  • Multiple signatures
  • Graphically visible signature
  • Signature placement
  • Email notifications
  • Final document in PDF/A format
  • Data hosting in Switzerland
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Make the most of meeting times and give your affairs the care they deserve by having your team members make decisions ahead of time. Thanks to its extremely simple interface, participants at your meetings can consult files that are secured and protected online as "accepted", "rejected", or "requires discussion at the next meeting". If all the participants acknowledge the file in "accepted" mode, the file will be processed directly, without requiring any further discussion. A report for each case will be included with the decision. Save time and paper, using a rapid and ecologically-friendly tool in order to optimize your meetings.

  • Secured authentication
  • Validation process
  • Confidentiality and security of data
  • Viewing documents online
  • Generation of reports that summarize decisions made
  • Automatically scan files
  • Information entry interface and complete management of access privileges
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Now paperless meetings are possible. Manage and consult all of your meeting sessions on a tablet and you can view annotations added by your collaborators to your files and add comments of your own. You can access minutes from past sessions and the agenda of the meeting underway, and you can also consult the calendar, and locate archives and appendices, all within a single platform. The eSéance solution is the future of digital governance for organizations with numerous meetings where it is important to maintain clear minutes.

  • Enhanced security
  • Complete meeting management
  • Environmentally-friendly paperless process
  • Consult and take notes on a tablet
  • Accessible 24-7 from anywhere
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Our eGuichet platform was a finalist for the Digital Award 2015, which recognizes innovative IT projects.

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A unique virtual counter for all your online services. Thanks to our transactional platform, create a two-way dialogue between your organization and your clients. After they fill out a request, you can offer your clients the opportunity to track how their file is being handled at any time and anywhere. Make your processes 100% digital without stoppage so you can automate your internal processes. Lots of functions are built into the portal, like a customizable dashboard, multi-profile client management, message box, the ability to track requests or consult the history of your transactions. Totally secured and hosted in a high-security dedicated environment, the eGuichet is the complete solution for cyber-administration.

  • Accessible 24-7
  • Catalogue of services
  • Interconnection with your professional software programs
  • Two-way interactions with the citizen
  • Multi-accounts and delegation of privileges
  • Online payments
  • Handwritten or digital signatures
  • Message service
  • Made-to-measure services
  • iGovPortal.ch - Certified Gold Partner
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Attach proof of authenticity to your documents using a « digital stamp ».

This tool uses technology that lets you integrate a company digital certificate to replace the traditional "official seal". Especially designed for mass processing of files, our system is the ideal tool for saving time in your administrative tasks.

  • Preset graphic layout
  • Vector format stamp
  • Processing of documents in batches
  • API
  • Generation of PDF/A files (archiving)
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Would you like to rent out your meeting rooms or other installations?

Put an end to duplicate reservations, entry errors, and under-utilized rooms. With maresa.ch, 10 minutes will be all you need to turn your site into a genuine reservations platform. You’ll just need a few minutes to set parameters and make your installation’s spaces visible to the public at large thanks to maresa.ch. Simply add the code provided by maresa.ch to enable your site to become a functioning online rental platform.

  • Define granularity of reservable time
  • Export data in Excel and Outlook formats
  • Multiple reservations status (pre-reservation, reservation, etc.)
  • Online administration interface
  • Functions in all environments (Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Major time savings

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, your visitors will be able to consult the rental status of your various offerings and pre-reserve them online. After simple confirmation by you, the time period will be displayed as reserved on your website, and the party who reserved the space will be notified.

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Our expertise

Professional analysis

Our tremendous experience with process digitization projects mean a smooth transition toward your new solutions and work flows.


An essential element of the success of a software program will be our work both on visual quality and on the ergonomics of your interfaces. Our specialized designers will integrate all of your needs into a harmonious visual presentation that is optimized for diverse market environments.


In order to respond to all of your wishes and needs, our development teams will be at your service to adapt and develop our tools to comply with your most complex requests.

Performing customized projects


Having an innovative solution at your disposal is good, but knowing how to use it perfectly is even better. Our tools are delivered with out-of-the-box training so you can learn all the finer uses of our products.

Project management

From design to activation as well as throughout the creation phase, our project managers will be there to support you throughout all the phases of the project.


In order to head off any problem that may arise with our tools over time, a dedicated support team will be available to you every day of the week. This team will provide the clear and precise answers you need.


Products developed by Artionet

Present since 2001 on the Web solutions market in Switzerland and abroad, the Artionet company now has more than 1,500 clients. As a leader in eGovernment products, Artionet has developed the next range of eGov4.ch solutions to respond to process digitizing needs, in order to provide public, parapublic, banking, insurance, law firms, and notary services and any other businesses the solutions they need to improve their own governance. Thanks to digitization and reworking of work processes, your company will be more dynamic and you can focus your efforts on high added-value tasks.

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